There’s No Substitute for Certainty

For 230 years, we’ve been by your side through revolution and war, recession and depression. Together, we’ve surmounted every challenge.

2021 will be no different. Here’s how we can help you today.

Cash - Invest

The abrupt slowdown in global economic activity has seen investors liquidate risk-on positions to ensure that they have ready access to available cash. Accordingly, your ability to invest cash in secure, highly liquid and short-term vehicles has become a critical requirement. Here’s how we can help:



In highly volatile markets, cash balances are sometimes best left unallocated and ready to be called upon when needed. That’s why we provide a range of business-critical custody services through our established, on-the-ground presence in more than 100 markets.

In addition, you can improve the oversight, security and management of your funds by integrating custody with Transfer Agency and Fund Accounting at BNY Mellon. Our Integrated Fund Services leverage these capabilities to address your complex challenges, such as the need to access liquidity and obtain data-driven insights.

Short-Term Investment

Short-Term Investment

Our short-term investment options allow you to invest cash overnight or for a given term in a variety of highly creditworthy assets, including government and prime money market funds, sponsored cleared repo and cleared reverse repo.

Money Market Funds + Cleared Repo

BNY Mellon’s LiquidityDirect platform provides a gateway to invest in a broad universe of money market vehicles, including Government Funds, Treasury Funds, Municipal Funds and Prime Funds.

As a cash equivalent product, with money funds you can invest overnight on a rolling basis while enjoying the freedom to withdraw your funds, in part or in whole, each day.

Now available: Introducing the addition of Sponsored Cleared Repo as a new investment option on the platform. Sponsored Cleared Repo allows you to invest cash in US Treasury repo through DTCC’s Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC) facing its central counterparty (CCP), with your investment collateralized by US Treasuries.

Cleared Reverse Repo

By investing your cash through our Sponsored Cleared Repo program, you provide the cash leg in a cleared repo transaction, providing liquidity overnight in exchange for US Treasuries. In addition, you ultimately face the FICC clearing house as counterparty on the trade, minimizing your credit risk.

Insured Cash Sweep

Insured Cash Sweep

As market participants seek safe harbors in today’s volatile markets, placing large cash balance into deposit accounts or money market funds is an obvious solution. ICS is a vehicle that allows you to invest cash simply, conveniently and with peace of mind.

Using ICS you can split large cash holdings into $250,000 segments across multiple deposit accounts or money funds, allowing you to gain yield while still enjoying Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) coverage, making the product an ideal solution when principal protection is your primary goal.



Certificates of Deposit are the perfect choice for investors looking to protect assets while still picking up some incremental yield. For conservative market participants seeking FDIC insurance, however, such CD investments are only covered up to the $250,000 level.

CDARS offers you a way to maximize your CD investment, enabling you to split a large holding into $250,000 increments among different issuers, letting you to establish an outsize CD position, with the security of knowing that your investment is covered by the FDIC.

Cash - Raise

In these uncertain times, the ability to swiftly and efficiently raise cash is an absolute necessity. Cleared Repo provides you a direct and cost-effective way to access funding.


Amid volatile markets we provide a full-service execution offering, encompassing Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income and Equities trading, seamlessly integrated into our custody ecosystem.

Whether you wish to trade electronically, via voice or using algos, or prefer to transact with us directly or on third-party venues, we can accommodate your requirements.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Managing currency exposure is an essential requirement for all investors active in today’s fast-moving international markets.

Your Complete Solution

Our full-service FX business accommodates every element of the currency transaction lifecycle, from initiating a position in the spot or forward market, to programmatic trading using algorithms or standing instructions, to enjoying enhanced liquidity and netting efficiencies by centralizing your activity though our FX Prime Brokerage.

Latest News

BNY Mellon and Deutsche Bank have dramatically improved the pre-trade lifecycle for restricted emerging market FX trades. Learn how our dedicated APIs are introducing new efficiencies.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income

As markets experience a flight-to-safety, fixed income can represent a classic safe-harbor investment. We trade a wide variety of debt securities and can connect you to a unique universe of counterparties, including broker-dealers, fund managers, family offices and wealth managers.

Our Short-Duration offering provides liquidity and easy access through Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper and Floating Rate Notes. Meanwhile, in Long Duration we can deliver customization and higher yield though Corporate Bonds, Mortgage-Backed Securities and Agency Debt.



All sell-offs end eventually, and when they do, the ability to buy back into risk-on positions is a critical requirement.

Our full-service equities business can accommodate your Outsourced Execution needs in more than 90 global markets, enabling you to capitalize on this buying opportunity. Whether you're taking positions through ETFs, seeking Corporate Equities services or looking for Synthetic Equities exposure, we can position you to take full advantage of the recovery.


Investors navigating volatile markets demand access to the OTC instruments they need to mitigate their risk exposure. That’s why we can facilitate your entry into a wide range of derivatives in both the cleared and non-cleared markets in order to help you achieve your hedging strategy.


We can execute OTC derivatives trades with highly rated clients in both the bilateral and cleared markets.

We structure OTC products referencing a variety of benchmarks, tenors and currencies. Among derivative contracts we can trade: Fixed/Floating Swaps; Caps/Floors; Swaptions; Callable/Cancellable Swaps; STIRTs; FX Forwards; Cross-currency Swaps; Equity Total Return Swaps.

Non-Cleared Margin Rules

Some risk exposures can only be hedged using customized instruments such as non-cleared derivatives. These products have specific margin requirements attached to them, however.

If you’re required to post collateral on non-cleared derivatives, we have a comprehensive lineup of services and products that will let you comply with the rules conveniently and cost-effectively, including collateral segregation and optimization, margin calculation and messaging.


At a time when fulfilling your cross-border payment obligations and hedging your international exposure is more important than ever, we have a full set of solutions to meet all of your FX requirements.

FX Payments

If you’re looking to eliminate the need to maintain local currency accounts, pay beneficiaries in over 120 currencies and receive support from local client services teams, look no further.

Our FX payment network can securely process your cross-border remittance activity both efficiently and cost-effectively.

FX Overlay

If you’re managing FX exposure in today’s volatile currency markets, we can provide hedging solutions to accommodate your needs.

Share Class Hedging can insulate your fund investors around the globe from excessive currency volatility, while Portfolio Overlay strategies can mitigate your FX exposure within an investment portfolio.

Additional Alpha

When traditional investment returns come under pressure, the ability to generate supplemental revenue from your existing portfolio can help maintain performance.

Triparty Collateral Management makes it easy for you to not only clear and settle your assets, but also secure financing against your portfolio. In addition to monetizing assets in Triparty through repo markets you can also lend your securities, collecting income from borrowers on assets that are otherwise sitting idle in your portfolio.

Securities Lending

Securities Lending

Our Agency Lending Program connects you to a large community of creditworthy borrowers. As a lender, you choose which assets to loan out, the terms of the loan and the borrowers to which you’re willing to lend.

As your agent lender, we collect collateral from the borrower against the loan and continuously monitor the trade, issuing margin calls and ensuring the borrower fulfills its obligations.

To learn more about how Securities Lending operates, click on the overview thumbnail or read our Stock Lending: Dispelling the Myths article.

Now Available: Sponsored Cleared Agency MBS Repo at FICC. In a market first, sponsored clients can enjoy the benefits of central clearing without the requirement of full-service FICC membership. To learn more about this new enhancement, please read about it in the Newsroom.

Securities Lending Latest

The Short Story

Introducing a new installment of our series of video shorts focused on securities finance.

The Short Story is designed to cut through the noise, presenting a succinct, on-point update on the latest market developments without taking up more than a couple of minutes of your time.

Our goal is to keep us all connected and informed about what’s going on in the securities finance industry during these unprecedented times. As such, we’ll be inviting market participants of all stripes to contribute, including regulators and analysts, academics and researchers and, of course, borrowers and lenders.

Current Contributors:

Paul Solway
Head of Securities Finance Asia-Pacific
BNY Mellon

Latest Videos

Paul Solway, BNY Mellon

Paul Solway discusses the securities lending trends in three key Asian markets and what this means for offshore investors.



Triparty is an integrated system that outsources many of the collateral management processes that underpin financial transactions to BNY Mellon in our capacity as a triparty agent.

Our Platform

Our platform enables you to efficiently centralize how you manage your collateral, opening up a world of new possibilities for utilizing your assets to meet your investment objectives. Among the trading activities we can support in triparty are repurchase agreements (repos), securities lending and margin segregation.

The Pandemic Stress Test:
US Government Securities Clearance & Repo During Covid-19

The volatility of March 2020 represented the most serious test for US repo markets since the 2008 global financial crisis, as investors sought to bolster their cash liquidity while also seeking safety in US Treasuries. BNY Mellon was at the center of these events.

In our latest piece of thought leadership, we share new insight into how US repo markets performed amid the volatility.


To ensure you see multiple perspective, we provide you with access to unique data on investor flows and behavior, as well as market-leading thought leadership that takes you inside the forces that are driving today’s markets.

Aerial View

Aerial View

If you’re looking for a unique vantage point drawn from an independent perspective, Aerial View is the indispensable field guide for you. Informed by intelligence from industry experts, our diverse roster of clients as well as our in-house economists and strategists, it gives you the inside track on the issues you need to be thinking about.



Our reimagined iFlow is a powerful, newly enhanced insight tool, providing you with unrivalled perspective into how investment flows in currencies, fixed income and equities are moving throughout the global financial system. Based on anonymized and aggregated information gathered from more than $41.7 trillion in assets under custody, iFlow reflects both the broad diversity of BNY Mellon’s client base and our position at the center of global financial markets.

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BNY Mellon: Expect Certainty

As the world’s largest custodian and one of its most creditworthy banks, BNY Mellon proudly continues its 230-year tradition of helping to secure our clients’ assets by providing them the widest possible range of services to navigate today’s volatile markets. Here are just some of our vital statistics.

BNY Mellon – By the Numbers1

Assets under custody and/or administration:

$45 trillion

Average Triparty collateral management balances:

$3.6 trillion

Assets under management:

$2.3 trillion

Total revenue:

$4 billion2

Market capitalization:

$41.4 billion

Total capital ratio:


Our Credit Rating3

Credit category Moody's S&P Fitch DBRS
Long-term deposits Aa1 AA- AA+ AA (High)
Long-term senior debt Aa2 AA- AA AA (High)
Subordinated debt NR A NR NR
Short-term deposits P-1 A-1+ F1+ R-1 (High)
Commercial paper P-1 A-1+ F1+ R-1 (High)
Outlook Stable Stable Stable Stable

1All values as of June 30, 2021.

2For nine months ended June 30, 2021.

3For The Bank of New York Mellon as of June 30, 2021.

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